Is Kauai the best place on Earth?

For me it certainly is. I honestly can't imagine a better place to live, laugh and love. To wake each day to the vast beauty and splendor of this amazing Island is surreal for me. The beaches, the ocean, mountains and forests. The little gems and pockets of beauty waiting for you just around the next bend or cove. The bird songs in the morning and yes, I even love the roosters crowing (sometimes).........AND I love the RAIN!

So blessed am fortunate to be able to raise my family here on Kauai. Not just because of the beauty but because of the people, the culture, and the friendships that are forged in this small community. AND it is a small community with just a two-lane Hwy, (which has its share of traffic at times) and its somewhat limited stimulus. (One movie theater and no Super Malls).

However, for me, Kauai has just enough great restaurants, small music scenes, farmers markets and festivals. Its the amazing abundance of outdoor stimulus that endears me to the Island. Every ocean activity you can think of plus countless trails for hiking, running or riding. Lets not forget the world class golf courses and  some of the best and longest white sand beaches of anywhere in the world!

Also to consider is that Kauai is home to a large organic agricultural community coupled with a distinct desire to trend towards Green Solutions and energy self-sufficiency.

Is Kauai the best place on Earth to live?  Yep, but don't tell anyone.......It's a secret!